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Is your interior design completed? So now it’s time…

To make a few pleasant decisions, relax and wait for the effects…

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As a whole we are going to take care of the implementation of your project – the whole investment or just the chosen part.

How? We will  offer solutions, products, materials and equipment, and if necessary, we will search for some alternative options – you don’t need to look for everything in the shops or  to  spend hours online. What is more, we will organise and supervise the process of delivery of the goods.

We will consult with the architects and  the contractors, and  watch the progress of the work. We are going to deal with any possible complaints. We will manage with everything from the floor, pieces of furniture, tiles, lightbulbs etc. And You? You don’t have to worry about anything and at the same time  you will have beautifully arranged, designed and furnished interior

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Oszczędzaj nie tylko czas i nerwy

Save up not only the time and stress but also the money.

We will make a clear proposal for the whole interior that can be easily verified. You don’t need to pay for our service – what you only need to do is to cover the cost of the materials and products.

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Can we help you?
Of course!

We support business and individual clients

Since our long-term experience in the construction and finishing industry we are not afraid of the unique challenges. Thanks to a high level of flexibility in the matter of the interior design we can adjust to any type of the project. We are able to ensure every material available at the market. We give the opportunities to check and adjust so they can match perfectly. If you don’t have any project yet, we cooperate with numerous architects with a long and rich experience.

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We work across the whole Poland

We listen and that’s why we always are here for you

We are available on the call. We will be pleased to meet with you before the shopping as well as on the construction site. We value your comfort and this nice feeling that everything will work smoothly…

In our implementations of the projects we value the trust, honesty and the best relations between people. We want to make the interior design as pleasant as possible…

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